The Wheel of Sharp Weapons by Tsem Rinpoche

Dear friends,

On November 10th, 2012, I gave a talk to some international people on one of my favorite texts called WHEEL OF SHARP WEAPONS. I did only the begining due to time and did not complete the text. But what I did share might be of some benefit to you. 

Dharmarakshita was a great yogi abiding in the jungles to do practice. He liked the solitude of the jungles. He had so much compassion, he did not close himself off from meeting people although in the Jungle. But instead he surrounded himself with the most difficult, harsh and materialistic people. And recieved the visits of many people seeking blessings, advice and teachings. Their minds were unstable, egotistical, angersome and always working from self benefit. They undoubtedly gave many difficult situations to this great Dharmarakshita, but his focus was to be patient and be among them to teach them the dharma. His main practice was to specifically help to tame the most difficult people who cannot be tamed by others. So he surrounded himself with these types of people out of compassion for them as others would find it hard to be around them to tame them with the nectar of dharma. Having their minds tamed, he can help them to avoid suffering and also reach liberation. 

Seeing their incredibly self-centered attitudes he had great compassion on them. He patiently put up with all their mind games, anger, selfish attitudes and taught them the dharma where few other teachers dare to venture near them. He knew their attitudes would only bring them disaster, harm and many regrets later. He taught them untiringly to avoid negative sufferings due to their selfish minds. So he patiently taught them the teachings on mind training which specifically eliminates the self cherishing mind which is the cause of all our unwanted sufferings. 

He composed this incredible text for the benefit of his students and the future students. He passed this to Atisha. Atisha taught it to Dromtompa...and eventually it arrived at the hands of the King of Dharma Tsongakapa who compassionately taught this to many hundreds of years later.

Everyone should get a copy of this text and share with others. It is published by the TIBETAN WORKS AND ARCHIVES IN DHARAMSALA. 

Tsem Rinpoche

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